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Valley Swim Club - Nestled at the bottom of Pikes Peak, just a stone throw away from Rock Ledge Ranch. This is the only private swim club on earth where drunk volley ball playing is expected almost every night while moving at a speed any faster than a walk is grounds for getting kicked out. The only thing worse than getting sunburned here due to long sun exposure in the hot June afternoons is having to walk barefoot across the rock covered parking lot that would usually be found in prison courtyards. Glass is not allowed at all but if you feel like bringing your kid who can’t follow a single established rule, then by all means, feel free! The lifeguards job of watching the other kids in the pool isn’t simply enough and they would proudly accept the duty of babysitting your misbehaving child for the 7 hours you leave them. The industrial sized grills provided to you will be the perfect way to feed your family on summer nights and when finished, please leave the gas on. Multiple signs will instruct otherwise, please disregard these. The VSC staff is always ready to welcome you on the raining, fourty degree afternoons, for you to swim, prompting them to sit in the rain and watch as you take your daily 43819728937 laps around the pool. It’s never a dull day at the swim club and the members invite you to bring your family as guests for a reasonable $5/person. Yes, this includes those who have never been in any body of water deeper that your home bathtub.
Never a bad day at Valley Swim Club!
by VSC1111 May 20, 2018
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