A Person on the internet. in 2019 started to understood everything what's up with people. Valaj is like a person who standalone on the internet because people might be hates him for no reasons.
The furries can't accept him cause Straight rights and Toxics calls him furry and calls him also a pedophile.

Just like a monster standing against everybody on the internet.

No Respect.
P1: Who's that guy?
P2: I don't know. But kinda looks like a Pedophile as Furry.
P1: I feel the same but he's so kind. I don't know man. Valaj actually can't be Pedophile or Furry.

P2: I swear a god he is pedo. Don't speak with him. He might gonna ask for your datas to kill you or fuck you.

P1: Oh shit. Thank you for the information.
by Valaj June 14, 2021
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