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To make up a completely new word and claim that it has some kind of connotation rooted in slang/urban culture with complete disregard for any sense of accuracy because you think your law school classmates are too dorky to know the difference

Description of the crime:

Val'n it up is a general intent crime. This means that one may be guilty of Val'n it up just by acting with a general evil purpose. This evil purpose may be inferred from one's actions, such as when one speaks a slang word that none of their peers have heard of, or when one slurs many slang words into one long one.

Val'n it up is akin to a depraved heart murder and should be punished as such.

past tense = "val'd it up"
"thashiainaight" means: "I am not fond of the statement just made and/or the issue before us." If one were to use this word, they would val it up. Assuming, of course, the necessary mens rea.

by RtoDaBizzle April 09, 2007
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