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1. Term for something that is in no way "vague", but is outside the scope of someone's intelligence. Used commonly by a member of the rural community.

Ex 1. Joe-Bob: Hey Jimbo, 2+2=something greater than 3 and less than 5; what is it?
Jimbo: Yer vaguery sure does confuse me.

2. Math or statistics which are clearly defined or expressed that contradict your argument, or make you look bad. It is in no way "vague", although it is often refuted by a statement that is vague. See also Fuzzy Math.

Note: Often confused with vaguety, which truly refers to something that is vague.
Ex 2. Reporter: You say that you've done a lot to help jobs in this city, but how do you explain the growth in unemployment rates during your 4 year term in office from 2.1% to an astonishing 9.6%?
Politician: You see, your vaguery can be explained with a simple switch of some decimal places and some proper handling of the mathematics. "Ooh I love to dance a little sidestep." ~Best little whorehouse in Texas
by Daxon-Scarlet Crusade May 17, 2010
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