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We scream this out in class all the time... It's self explanatory. Juices from the VAG.
Vaginal juices were everywhere, and I had to clean it all up
by Percy Mooneyham June 18, 2008
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The sticky, slightly adhesive, pasty fluid that oozes out of a bitch's cunt-hole. Ranging in colors from sickly orange and yellow to ghastly greenish brown. However, good vaginal juice will be mostly translucent. The varying smells, like the colors, can range from the pungent smells of diarea, piss and skunk, to the slightly more romantic smells of perfume or if your especially lucky, peppermint candycane. In order to find this fluid in a bitch's cunt, first stick your erected cock into the hole until she orgasms and you will eventually see her fluids gushing out, maybe drowning you in gooey V juice. If this happens and is an undesired situation, use a cunt rag to wash the juices from the face and pull out a gat and blast her ccunt hole in 2 so no man will ever have to go through such horror again. Do not be surprised if the juice is both disgusting smelling and colored. In order to tell if a bitch will have good juices, make sure she has all the folowing:
-big perky, natural tits
-a nice, cute and pretty face
-dick sucking lips
-a nice round ass
-a slightly-innocent looking countenance(if she looks slightly innocent she just may be a virgin and probly has a very tight pussy with beautiful juices)
-nice legs
-a tan body
-some sort of jewelry (preferably earrings and belly button, never acept a bitch with black jewelry because she is a gothic lesbian which is a terrible combo)
-***And never NEVER fuck or try to get vaginal juices from nigger, chink, or asian women. You will find that only white bitches have the potential to have great vaginal juices and nigger bitches are espcially bad because they always have bloody, skunky smelling, and chunky green vaginal juice. Plus, fucking a nigger will give you AIDS.
"Hey, Jimmy, I just got splattered with skunk and piss smelling, orange vaginal juice from Becky!! what the hell?"

"Dude, what were you thinking!? Becky?"


"Damn dude, shes fucking flat for one...she has fucking 5 tumors on her face and boils, she wears "Im a Slut" shirts and i can visibly see her pants sag where her cunt is loose, shes the biggest whale at the school, shes pale as shit, she wears black jewelry because shes a gothic lesbo, and shes fucking short and fat dude!"

"I know all that, but so what"

"Dude, you gotta use the checklist so you know when girls have good Vaginal juice!

"Shit, well...Ill learn the check list later, right now im sopping wet in this vaginal fluid as you can see.."

"Dude, no worries, take this cunt-rag and then go wash up, youll be good as new in a little. Ill teach you the rules later"
by Jeremiah Vreshkonvikhoven February 23, 2008
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