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The build-up of white, milky fluid (sometimes snatch blood) after a long jog, walking the mall, running errands, or a long day in general. The crust begins to leak out of the fish hole to form on the outter part of the vag lips forming a mustache-type look as if it were in a Got Milk commercial. Said crust mostly smells 99% of the time like heavy spice (like smelly Arab) mixed with a fish thats been dead for a week then got pissed on and may flake off at times leaving a trail behind the owner. It is not recommended to eat out someone with Vag Crust as their hygiene may be poor and there are probably feces crumbs and skid marks on her underwear. A friend did it once after losing a bet and contracted Hepatitis C, grew hair on his tongue, and now associates vaginas with dog shit and dead carcasses.
In order to indirectly break-up with a friend, his girlfriend didn't shower for a week and built up a weeks worth of Vag Crust. After having done so, she tried to get him to go down on her. He turned out to enjoy the rotten taste of Vag Crust and has had so much of it that he now looks like someone with down-syndrome on meth that just just smelled dog shit.
by Mr.Scribblz June 02, 2010
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