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1. A person who concocts worthless nonsense especially with intent to deceive and systematically uses another person or group for personal profit.

2. A person who is outwardly similar to something without having its genuine qualities, I.e. - a poor imitation, a fraud.

3. A person who is of a cheap and shoddy nature, and is of shameful or indecent morals.

4. A person who shows signs of extreme Schizotypal Histrionic Narcissistic Borderline Personality Disorder, and has a Victim Mentality/Martyr Complex with Intermittent explosive and Oppositional defiant disorder.

5. A "keyboard warrior" who calls people out, then "turns tail and runs" when confronted.

6. A man who stalks women online because he knows he can't be trusted around them in person.

7. A man who tries to get in women's pants by offering them shitty "massages".
That guy is a total Vachmiel, always lying his ass off to make a dime.

There are too many Vachmiels in this bar, can a girl get a break!

I wish that guy would quit Vachmieling me, he's such a creep!
by Hyper-realist September 03, 2019
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