Malayalam word for Plantain tree. Reference to the popular saying: "Should have planted a Vaazha instead of making you".

This is your life, a hopeless life. A Life in which you wish you were dead.
Your parents hate you for merely existing.

You are a mistake and you will always be the one who deserves nothing but depressing memories. Happiness? GTFO mate! Not meant for you.

On the brighter side, you've got friends. Because collectively we are all a big mistake, an aberration!

PS: Always keep a fresh condom in your wallet. Because you do NOT want more Vaazhas in your life.

You are a liability
You: Dad, can I have 100 bucks for college?
Dad: Ezheechu po myre!! Valla vaazhayum vechaal mathiyaarrnu!
by Phase induced October 07, 2020
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