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VTEC Armenians noun;plural: (You can also call them VTECs for short.) The word VTEC is a name of an engine found in a Honda S2000, or other Honda models. But a VTEC Armenian is simply a fresh-off-the-boat, Iranian Armenian. Here in LA, all the "VTECs" would choose a fixed up Honda Civic, than choosing a supercharged 1967 Camaro. These types of people enjoy street racing, as if they own the road. They like to listen to Techno, they have spiked hair everywhere, they pluck or wax their eyebrows, and they supposedly get "crunk" at parties, when they don't even know what crunk means, they constantly use persian words while speaking armenian, and they always have to use the word bro when they are speaking english. VTEC stands for Verjapes Tehranits Ekank California. This phrase in Armenian means, We have finally arrived from Tehran, Iran to California.
1. Wow, those VTEC Armenians were going 120 mph on the 134 Southbound.

2. Can't those VTECs stop busting out Techno, and close their windows?
by Levon August 23, 2005
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