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A phrase used to describe those who gather in the Vtech's name to worship and adore its "Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control". People of the Vtec nation (often male in gender between the ages of 16- 20), gather in large groups of Integra's, Honda’s, and of course the fabled Prelude. The people of the Vtec nation come together to "pop their hoods" and trade various goods such as ram intakes, and large mufflers (which also go by their trade names as fart cannons). When many people gather in the Great Vtec's name a common ritual takes place within the group of males causing them to challenge those who question the word of the Vtec. A challenging Vtech male can often be seen “cruising " night and day looking for weak vehicles to prey upon to feed it's ever growing ego.
Guy 1 :" You totally just kicked the shit out of that mini van bra!"

Guy 2 : " Ya he be feelin my vtec lobes."

Guy 1 : "Dude when that Vtech kicked you left that mom the dust, it was like she wasn't even trying"

Guy 2: " Prelude FTW!! VTEC NATION!!"
by AvengerMan October 02, 2009
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