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Named after the Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat clan (Victory or Death) that quit playing after receiving a heavy spanking, being VOD'd means being beaten so bad in a game that you quit.
omg, did u hear about our match last night? we totally VOD'd those n00bz0rz
by mikusa May 24, 2005
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Norwegian was a Viking pure warrior and liked by everyone. A much needed man can negotiate out of anything. Adored by all and not many exsist so land it while you can because your not going to get any better and you will live in regret. The kinda person that just does it and doesnt talk about it and a tremendous lover and sharp dressed person very mysterious and cant be read by others. The greek gods feared this mortal warrior !
Once loved by this nothing else compares
warrior of vodd voddfox vodd for love vodd exciting
Vodd Zilla
by viking70 February 03, 2010
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vodd a nickname for vodka. duh. maybe as a coverup or maybe because your to lazy to tipe out the whole word
"he im goin to get some vodd you comin"

Mom"what r u doin"
Child"nothin just hangin with some friends"
Child"just Ed, Jaxon, Kevin, Vodd, and Dennis"
Mom"O ok"
by tough guy kid November 01, 2010
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