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Absolute knob heads who roll to shit clubs and bars (Liquid) in the 'wanker' outfit, v-neck, skinny jeans and plimsolls! Often have rolled up sleeves to show their tribal sleeve tattoos, Gelled hair and spray tan.

They frequently play FIFA when having pre-drinks and discuss the nights pulling techniques and how LADish they are!

When you see these knob heads you must tilt your head back make the most disgusted face and say 'Waaaaaaaankaaaaaaaa' along with doing the wanker shake with your fist!!!
Guy 1 ''Oi Dave look at that total cunt trying to pull that bird, looks like summin out of tool academy.''

Guy 2 ''I know bill! that's a V-Neck wanker, the try hard of the clubbing scene.''

Guy 1 ''What a wanker.''
by Vairant December 08, 2012
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