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When you are in a sexual relationship and really have no respect for yourself, partner, or the outcome of the relationship and so you try out the deviant, perverted moves that are defined within the corridors of this site.
Jas: “Dude, Last night I totally gave Ash the Philly fake out!”
Dev: “No way, she didn’t dump you? I thought most of those were just jokes?”
Jas: “Well they should be; but, I don’t care if it doesn’t work out. But she has no self-esteem so she just takes it.”
Dev: “Give her the Braveheart! She’s gotta break it off then.”
Jas: “It will probably take a chili dog or the alaskan snow dragon before she leaves... it's a total urban dictionary relationship.”
Dev: "Man... now that's F-ed up."
by Sassafrassquatch November 22, 2009
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