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For whatever reason, there is a common theme in roughly every other defintion on urban dictionary. The definiton will be of a name, male or female, and the definer will usually jerk off people of the same name, saying something like: Sarah - the perfect girl, will never leave you, best kind of girl, nice tits lmao, please come back sarah I’m lonely. These definitions serve pretty much no purpose except to garner attention from people mindlessly skimming by. Honestly, removing shitty reminiscing posts like the one example aforementioned would make this place way better. TL;DR to make a shitty definition of a lost lover’s name in a fruitless attempt to procure love once again; that is the Urban Dict. Meta. Don’t get me wrong, some of the definitions on this site are actually real dope, but every time I see an unironic name definition I just wish to be euthanized.
dude 1: wanna browse urban dictionary?
dude 2: sorry, I stopped lurking there after I uncovered the Urban Dict. Meta.
by anon#18385028474 July 02, 2018
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