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The worst insult ever, more destroying than ur ancestors incestors, ur family tree lgbt,ur brother a mother,ur sister a mister,ur grandpap a trap,ur granny a tranny,ur dad lesbian, and ur mom gay. It destroys the receiver's essence from the 5th dimension down, slaughtering them mentally, physically, and instantly massacring their online status from whatever it was originally to nothing but Jake PaulFortniteMinecraftAIDSautismcancer.
Michael: Hey Jeff
Jeff: ur mom gay
Michael: ur dad lesbian
Jeff: ur granny a tranny
Michael: ur grandpap a trap
Jeff: ur sister a mister
Michael: ur brother a mother
Jeff: ur family tree lgbt
Michael: ur ancestors incestors
Jeff: Well, ur daught a thot
(Michael's asshole fucking implodes on itself, his face immediately falls off and his dick explodes, killing him instantly)
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by Fucking Destroyed, Inc. May 17, 2018
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