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Most negroes are acting uppity. Especially them low life gangsta negroes, that usually get shot and die before the age of 35, because they're up to no good, and a pest to society.
Banana Mama bitches can also act uppity.
Them uncultured Munni Bak'rs negro bitches can also act very uppity.
Best remedy, is smash em in the head, with a baseball bat!
Uppity Nigger: Ey, Yow, YOW!

Normal human being: Shut your trap uppity Negro! No one is interested in your low life scum!
Uppity Nigger: S**TF**U M**F**! Yo M**F**B**A**D**B**SH**!
*Normal human tasers Uppity Negro*
Normal Human: Ah! High class, highly educated environment has returned once more, when uppity negroes are shot down!
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by Fukaface! July 16, 2019
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An out of place black person who is out of line and thinks they are as good as or better than the white person they are standing next to.
Rosa Parks was an uppity nigger bitch who thought that she didn't have to move for the white people on the bus.

I'm going to beat your ass you uppity nigger, now get back in the field and pick my fuckin' cotton
by Dan Johnson 2 May 08, 2007
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