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A rural shit-hole in the South of England, populated almost entirely by pretentious geese, seeking to make a living from eating shit and baby ducklings. Whilst many do comment on many Beedingers' sexual inactivity, it is apparent to anyone who visits there that the female Beedinger is highly promiscuous, and has every erotic fantasy, ranging from autoasphyxiation to bestiality, and back again.

The Beedinger is usually in tight with the resident of Steyning in every posible aspect of life, but always fall short of Steyning standards.
Dude 1: Argh, did you see that Upper Beeding girl?
Dude 2: Grr, what a slut!
Dude 1: How many geese do you reckon she keeps in her bedroom?
Dude 2: 10 and a half.
Dude 1: What's the half for?
Dude 2: She uses it when she get sexually bored.
Dude 1: FUN.
by JimmyJimJimJimJim February 25, 2012
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