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Upper Class Mentality is seen often, if not primarily, from middle class individuals. It is the attitude that they are a huge success and all others are inferiors. People with an UCM (pronounced You-See-Em) generally drive a slightly better than average vehicle, and have a slightly nicer than average home, while looking down at those who have not acheived this "status". These folks are very prone to bankruptcy and heartbreak once they realize they truly are not better than everyone they look down upon. This is a chronic condition, and coming to this realization may never actually happen. Keep your eyes open, you see em? :)
Susie: Hey Joe, look at that arse with his nose up in the air driving his big SUV. You see em tailing that guy in his rusty old car?
Joe: Yep, he definitely has an Upper Class Mentality.

John: Why does Larry always act like he is better than everyone, and talk about his boat? I hear he can barely afford his payments.
Wolfgang: Yep, he is a UCM.

A suburbanite is a great definition/example of someone with an Upper Class Mentality
by drocco21 February 19, 2014
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