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The first shout that is given to someone in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it is a shout in which the user shouts the enemy on the opposite side of him is blown up to 100 ft but is not killed or harmed mentally or physically. It is also known to mean when a man is shouting loudly into a woman's vagina in which the force is so strong they begin to vibrate and then have a never ending orgasm and then the woman screams so loud that is scares the man to orgasm and scream causing the process to repeat.
I was playing Skyrim and did an Unrelenting Force and then went to my girlfriend and did an Unrelenting Force, I had to go to the doctor to get my ear checked.
by MagicNarwhal December 31, 2011
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A phrase shouted in Dovahzul, or "Dragonish," coming out as "Fus Ro Dah." "Fus" means Force, "Ro" means Balance, and "Dah" means Push. Simply yelling this phrase will not do anything, however. You must have the power of a dragon's soul. Nobody in this world has ever done a successful Unrelenting Force shout, due to the fact that no dragons have ever been seen here, and even if there had been, they would need some way to kill the dragon and absorb the dragon's soul, unless they were Dovahkiin, or Dragonborn. The phrase's words can be said individually, but they are most commonly said together.
The Unrelenting Force shout is rarely used an anything but an exclamation - "FUS RO DAH!" -or- "Fus... RO DAH!
by UberohnDefinitions May 15, 2018
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