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A term used when someone says something deep or wise. Derived from the underground text called Unlock Reality, which claims to explain the Construction of the Universe in terms that anyone can understand, and is being shared round the world using bookcrossing.
Someone says "we need more love in this world"
the reply is, "hey you Unlock Reality man.
by Tmonome September 18, 2006
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A manuscript which explains the Construction of the Universe in simple terms that anyone can understand. Some claim it is an urban myth while others claim to have read it.
There follow some points about it:

Point One:
Unlock Reality is a book in manuscript form that is just over 100 pages long.

Point Two:
It does not have an author listed though it is widely rumoured that five main people are involved with its production. Two are reported to be Monks of some sort, one a Metaphysics Professor working in a British University and two other gifted people with no specific qualifications.

Point Three:
Unlock Reality has been briefly descried as β€œone of the most unusual publications on the planet, with the potential to produce a shift in perception that could change the course of history and guarantee the survival of the human race

Point Four:
It is being prepared for world release by a group called I.S.D.T. and there is also a group trying to prevent it getting out who go by the name of The Brotherhood of the Eternal Light.

Point Five:
Those preparing it for world release have been affected strangely and been inspired to follow childhood dreams. This is sometimes referred to as the UR effect. These include going to the Himalayas, taking up skydiving, starting websites of which there are hundreds and writung poetry.

Point Six:
All those concerned with proof reading and the production have had to sign confidentiality contracts. In addition all copies request that readers do not quote or copy from it so no quotes have appeared anywhere.

Point Seven:
50 copies were released via Bookcrossing.

Point Eight:
Many people are involved in an international treasure hunt for the 50 copies.

Point Nine:
There is a project to place copies permanently in key locations around the world, including the Grand Canyon, and Tower Bridge. There is meant to be a copy being held by Tibetan Monks for safekeeping and the Dalai Lama was recently presented with a copy as was the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Point Ten:
There is quite a storm over whether or not Unlock Reality is real or not; ironic for something that has sparked much debate over the nature of reality.
by Tmonome September 18, 2006
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