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2nd largest university in the state of Louisiana. Official nickname is the Ragin Cajuns. Over 16,000 students from many different states & countries. For more info, visit & Also known as UL & Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns.
"Hey, y'all goin to the UL football game tonight?" "Yeah, we wanna see the Cajuns stomp McNeese" McNeese Fan: "Boy that University of Louisiana sure beat us good". (no offense to McNeese or it's fans. it's just the first example I could think of)
by bubbajones81 July 06, 2007
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A magical place where no one knows how to use a sidewalk. Students will often walk in the road right next to the sidewalk wondering what the giant slab of concrete is for.

The students of UL were never taught proper street crossing etiquette as they typically walk right into traffic and then act surprised when they are almost killed.

Tradition is a very important part of UL and can be seen at every turn. Traditions such as having random fucking swamps everywhere. The long time tradition of making fun of handicap people is abundant around UL. The numerous broken elevators, the crosswalks that require a full sprint to make it across in time, and impossibly steep wheel chair ramps make it obvious that UL likes to give the finger to anyone in a wheelchair. I hear that next year they will be putting rock walls and a short swimming exercise in front of the wheel chair ramps as part of the "Make it to class on time cripple!" 2010 challange.

UL isn't known for its sports programs mainly because they are all horrible. You will find more UL students wearing the much more popular LSU colors instead of UL colors. UL football games tend to feature more competitive drinking than competitive football.
Cunt: Math is hard Im thinking about switching to finance
Me: Shut the fuck up bitch Ive got engineering to do.

Random Guy: Did you see that touchdown University of Louisiana got in the 3rd?
Me: Fuck no I was busy drinking like EVERYONE else at the game (including the players)

Me: Is there anything you cant do?
Rick Astley: Give you up
Rick Astley: Let you down
Rick Astley: Run Around
Rick Astley: Desert you
Rick Astley: Make you cry
Rick Astley: Say goodbye
Rick Astley: Tell a lie
Rick Astley: Hurt you
by L0Lasaurus October 04, 2009
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