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Best school in the country that is not in New York. President Obama sent his kids to the school, and that is just one of the abnormally high status attendees who went to the school. The school is filled with rich snobs who look down at anyone who doesn't have a 4.0 GPA or is mentioned in some article in some famous newspaper about some overachievement. The kids who go there are abnormally smart but they know how to party. They study hard, but they party harder. Abnormally rich parents send their kids to UCLS when they are in Kindergarten so that they are brainwashed so early and don't know anything besides A+'s and expensive cars and penthouses. Unless your the kid of one of the teachers. Then your lucky to get in on half off the tuition. Whenever you tell anyone you go to UCLS, kids are amazed because they just hear University of Chicago.
Random public school kid, "Hey which school do you go to?"

Rich private school kid, "I go to the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools."

Random public school kid, "Whoa you go to the University of Chicago!?!? but your really young!?!"

Rich private school kid, "No dumbass. I'm 15, and even though i skipped to grades, I'm not going to go to college before i can drive."

Random public school kid, "So which district is it part of."

Rich private school kid, "No dumbass, we're not part of a district cuz we're a private school."

Random public school kid, "Whoa you go to a private school!?!? So are you really rich??"

Rich private school kid, "I live in a 2.5 million dollar condo in downtown Chicago. and my parents drive 2 new $100,000 mercedes cars, an Aston Martin, and a vintage ferrari. So what do you think.
by goldcoast48 November 06, 2010
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