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The world's most problematic High School, 2019.

Freshman: DRAMA. The guys in the grade think they're the shit when their faces are full of acne and unibrow, and their teeth look like traffic cones. Most problematic and undeveloped grade.

Sophomore: Probably the most unproblematic grade and the grade that is most in unison. other than all the girls in the grade smoking in the last bathroom stall together, they're okay.

Juniors: ART FREAKS. Think their style is the most amazing thing to grace this earth and most of them dream of going to UAL (University of Arts in London) Their grade is also very in unison. THEY LOVE THE SENIORS and like the Sophomores but HATE the freshman, They're so judgmental and rude to them.

Seniors: Love each other so much. Everyone is friends with everyone. Super sweet. All very mature and very developed. THEY LOVE THE JUNIORS.
"What school do you go to?"
"Universal American School of Dubai (UAS)"
"oh ok bye"
"I've Heard how problematic the kids at UAS are, No thank you"
by Mr. McAnus May 15, 2019
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