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A soldier whom serves their enlistment in the 75th Ranger Regiment. These individuals are specially trained, and endure various selection/training processes in order to gain entrance into the 75th. They fall under USASOC, are considered "specialized infantry", and have a very specific mission set with in the special operations realm. They are indentified by their tan berets, Ranger Battalion unit scrolls, and knarley stares. These men are not to be crossed.
Army Ranger Battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment are notorious for maintaining their high level of training, and take pride on keeping every Ranger at a high level of physical fitness as well as having them far more skilled in their professions than any basic soldier/marine.

Billy and Jimmy were hanging out with their frat bothers at a bar when one of them said the wrong thing to the wrong guy. After waking up in the ER, they were informed that they had been sent there by the group of United States Army Rangers they had popped off to, and that their girlfriends had left with the Rangers.

Extremist organizations want no part of the soldiers of the 75th Ranger Regiment... Doesn't make business sense.
by 275Watchman7tre April 21, 2009
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