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To create independently without no help apart from God/Jesus, 1 million plus videos, or anything that is created by humans or human hands, never any machines automatically 1 million+ mainly on videos but this can be varied depending on if that person will ever reach 1 million+ but a uniation St' is only valid on 1 person creating single handedly anything they dream of.
Wow your a uniationSt'. (Formal)
Shoot I cannot believe you are a uniation St' informal
Why do you want to be a uniationSt (formal)!? That's a lot of work you know becoming a uniation.
Nut's their is a lot of uniationsSt here in this room.
You are crazy to be a uniationst or uniationSt! (Formal)
by Ricardo St' Nicholas Coke July 06, 2018
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