The UniKiTty Triology is a series of levels (ranging from 5* to medium demon) which was created by Knmagor0024 that resembles the characters and atmosphere of the Childrens cartoon program, Unikitty from Cartoon Network. Knmagor/Antonsen previewd UniKiTty III however after his exposure it was never finished. However back in Febuary, Antonsen made the first preview of UniKiTty III, an extreme demon using the Verdant Landscape song. It was abandond since and once the community found out about Antonsens return, he was banned instantly.
The UniKiTty Trilogy was first started in 2020 when Knmagor0024 published his 5 star level. Even after being exposed for rape, he continued to create UniKiTty levels and even joined the Wimpy Kid wiki and was a moderator there. UniKiTty III was abandond however, and Knmagor aka Antonsen was caught and blocked.
by Boo Radley Game May 18, 2022
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