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A phase used by English MC Lady Sovereign to describe herself. One of many catchy self descritive phrases used by Sov. It is refering to the fact that she didn't finish school but shown an intelligence besides Math, History (all that school shit). She has used the phrase in the songs Public Warning and So Human and writen on one of her signature custom slogan T-shirts. A more well-known one is "The biggest midget in the game." That's been used in Many songs and also on a T-shirt. Personally I think Sov Rox!!!!!
Ladys and gentlemen this ain't no experiment it's the uneducated example of intelligence, my irrelevence means more then your irrelevence has ever did. It's evident there's evidence that I am bloody excellent.-Lady Sovereign (Public Warning song)
by S.O.V fan 4 life June 09, 2009
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