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A genuine underground music lover that does not look down on, patronize, or belittle others for liking popular artists, but instead, introduces them to musicians they had not previously heard of or known about which they would more than likely appreciate. This certain person also does not discriminate towards a musician or group based on their popularity, and will listen to any music they truly enjoy, impartially. Not simply a music geek; carries an astute ideology on music which was passed on to them through the artists' work they indulge in. Has intentions to indirectly educate those around them about the true, unstructured beauty of music.

(Not necessarily a member of a defined or established group.)
Friend: "Hey, have you heard Nirvana's song Lake of Fire from their Unplugged album? It's so great!"

Underground Disciple: "Yeah it is awesome! The song is actually by the band Meat Puppets along with the track Plateau.

Friend: "Huh, really?"

UD: "Yup. The guitarist and bass player from the Meat Puppets are actually on stage with Kurt playing their songs with him."

Friend: "That's neat, I never knew that."

UD: "Yeah. To be honest though, I prefer Kurt's rendition."

Friend: "Yeah, he's pretty talented. Hey, you feel like hitting up Amoeba Records?"

UD: "Sure!"
by Gohound October 10, 2012
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