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1. To be an out and out champion bloke. Often the life of the party and the one with the best jokes and stories. That is, like your favourite Uncle.

2. A name used to describe a regular visitor of strip joints. The strippers know him so well, and are comfortable with him, that he is some what like an Uncle.

3. Someone that is a borderline alcoholic, often waking up in odd places and having minimal recollection of the night before.
1. When walking into a party, make the annoucement: "this shit is about to get real, Uncle Muzz is here!"

2. Stripper: "UNCLE MUZZ! Just the usual?"
Person being address: "Yes thanks darlin'"

3. Person: "I can't remember a thing from last night, and I woke up in the bathroom of a retirement village"
Person's friend: "Good one Uncle Muzz."
by Straight Shooting Realist August 20, 2011
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