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A name given to a balding man found in the company of children. At first glance, it appears he is looking after them in a guardian like fashion, but on further investigation however, he is actually a child molester. The name derived from the word "Bamboozle". To bamboozle someone or to become bamboozled is to have something either made difficult, be misinformed, be led on to then have your plans crushed or to be confused or led astray. It can also be used when a person wrongs you. A well known phrase "Uncle Puzel, he loves to bamboozle" is used as a warning taught to children never to trust elderly men they don't know.
Child: Mum, an old man said he'd give me sweets if I showed him my pee-pee, but then he ran away!

Mum: Oh my God, Keilan! You must never trust an Uncle Puzel!
by M Pizzay in the Hizzay February 04, 2013
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