Basically to be politically correct. When you're politically correct - or un-anti-politically non-incorrect - you say what people want to hear and expect of you to say. Your ideas, views and opinions are everything but controversial. You have "dull" opinions, which don't differ from the majority of your local or national society, sometimes even in an international or global context.
- Oh boy, you know that Martin, that political nerd in our social studies class? He's so freaking un-anti-politically non-incorrect!! It just drives me mad, his pointless I-know-better-than-you opinions on the excellency of the death penalty and why a ban on gay marriages is absolutely necessary to implement into our constitution - aaargh!! He's such a besserwisser! I just can't stand all the bullshit coming out of that mouth!
by queerboyoslo December 20, 2005
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