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When you attempt to complete a 6 Brick break in front of your entire class of taekwondo students with the intent of showing off, fail the break miserably after 4 weak attempts then allow the tower of patio bricks to fall so that the impact to the ground can fracture the bricks and you aren't forced to make a 5th attempt with a hand that hurts almost as much as the dissapointment of your chubby wannabe fighter son who can do less push ups than bricks you can break.
Had the worst Ultimate Taekwondon't Break right after I opened my own Taekwondo school at the YWCA cuz my instructor thinks I'm a complete douche bag, then I tried to show off on camera with a sweet 6 brick demo break and fucked it up entirely barely breaking any. My hand hurts but I don't want everyone to laugh out loud at me and wonder why I even charge for this awful excuse for "self defense" and give my son another reason to sit on his fat lazy ass while everyone else works out.
by Phillip Tillman February 19, 2011
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