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The act of 2 Caucasian males taking home a girl and 1 male treating her to rough sex whilst the other male watches and masturbates whilst playing FIFA 2010 simultaneously. After both males have ejaculated (adds to the drama if this can be at the same time but doesn’t have to be) they each wipe a dollop of semen on the girls forehead (it is advised the male treating the girl to rough sex pull out and blow on the girls stomach for ease of grasping a dollop). Once this process is complete both males will start acting like they are in a Snoop Dogg film clip.
Man last night was awesome, John and I picked up this pissed slapper at the Reepham took her home and I gave her the roughest sex ever. Smacked her head into the surround sound system and stuck zooper doopers up her arse. The whole time John was watching whilst tugging his wood and playing FIFA 2010 (Barcelona Vs Real Madrid on expert). We eventually ejaculated at the same time and both placed dollops of spunk on her forehead. Straight after this we put on the up in smoke tour and rapped along whilst smoking blunts and drinking 40’s (sidenote, they were actually VB longnecks). It was an Ultimate Power Bizzle.
by Dolloper February 24, 2010
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