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The act of placing one fist in the vagina and the other in the anus simultaneously, and attempting to shake one's own hand.
This Eastern European woman asked me to double fist her, but she was too tight in one hole, so I had to use the other hole and gave her the old Ukrainian Handshake.
by ShamusAngus October 05, 2013
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In recognition of the consummation of an agreement or the end of a successful negotiation, one party exposes his member as a display of trust.
After Dave and I negotiated the real estate transaction, we didn't sign any papers but he gave me a Ukrainian handshake, so I knew we had reached an agreement.
by Dave the Ukrainian February 08, 2010
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The act of lifting someone up in the air by a finger inserted into their anus
Dang, I had my first Ukrainian handshake last night and now my butthole smarts a little.
by tomsawyer March 31, 2018
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