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Used to define a greater-than-normal sized right testicle.
Ugandans are very well known around the earth as being the ones with large private organs. Thus, it was not suprising when Dr. Finchley-Read Esq came back to England and coined the famous phrase "As big as a Ugandan Nut".
Naturally, Finchley-Read meant the private organs, but the expression became well known around the country, and thus as it was said in the then distinct social classes, its original meaning was quickly forgotten (on purpose or not, it shall never be known).
It wasnt until the discovery of Finchley-Read Esq.'s diaries that the expression was brought back to life. People felt embarassed.
When using this expression (the original expression), one must used the expression at the beginning of the phrase i.e:

"CHARLOTTE YOU UGANDAN NUT! What are you doing? You are meant to use it differently! It hurts!"
by Grammanzi May 22, 2012
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