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Contuining to Grind Hard UdayJersey "عدي جيرسي" AKA Shooter Mcgavin made his debut in the summer of 2000 appearing on numerous LS Clique Mixtapes Shout to the whole Otown Crew "T.R.A.P. WoodBOI"=Citizen Kane, Swiv-LoC and JD Baby." What up DJ Mannix an the whole FlowLine Music Fam. Carving a name locally in Orlando Florida DA "O", he moved to New Jersey began to connect with such artists as "BigBamboo and SkyKidd forming the super group "The Vulturez." Working with various artists such as "Hank Dope, Chase Fetti, T-Bizz and Woodro Wilson (O.S.T)", he continues to expanding the reach of his music. Working towards his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, UdayJersey stays on his grind. Being a monster in the industry, the name Uday is adopted from Uday Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti, the eldest son of Saddam Hussein. New Jersey being UdayJersey™'s home, Jersey seemed to be the only name that would be accepted, considering that UdayJersey™ formally went under the name Jersey Boy. Keep an eye out, cause theres no doubt that this up and comming artists is going to hit the mainstream with a Vengeance. Feel free to message any questions to UdayJersey™.
The Vultures hold it down yo!

Uday Jersey SkyKidd Big Bamboo
by johnson adams November 28, 2008
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