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A drunken unit of group measurement indicating that a group is perfectly sized (4) to take a standard Uber without having to either: A: Take out a second mortgage to afford an Uber X Upgrade during peak hours

B: Play Russian roulette in hopes that your potential driver is chill with double buckling, and if he/she is, to play human Tetris in the back of a Corolla on the way to the next bar.
e.g. #1: The bad news is that Greg and Nate aren’t going to be able to make it out to the bars with us to anymore because of the 151 shot for shot contest they held earlier. The good news is our group is now Uber Sized.
e.g. #2: We were going to be Uber Sized, but then Mike had to invite that insufferable bitch Karen along.
by Jeef Berky December 29, 2014
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