The sacred ritual in which one must undergo to join the NUT clan on Black Ops 2. You contact Mr. T (Mr. Testicle) aka brainslug666 or Vanilla Monkey aka PROTOTYPE-OF-WAR. First you must obtain the 3 rare gummy bears from the sacred mountain of Nippleopolis. The gummy bears can be bought from the black jewish merchant who goes by the name of Palogio. You can buy them or he will give them to you for free if you let him suck your dick. Once you have the gummy bears, you are just missing the Golden Spoon of Assgaard. Getting the Golden Spoon is fairly easy, all you have to do is sacrifice your left nut to the Gods of the NUT clan. Once the Golden Spoon and 3 sacred Gummy Bears are retrieved, you need to stick the handle part of the Golden Spoon into the tiny slit in your dick. Place 2 of the sacred Gummy Bears on the head of the spoon. The 3rd sacred Gummy Bear is placed up your ass while you are holding your breath and you swallow multiple times in succession. If done right, the 3rd gummy bear will shoot out of your dick onto the head of Golden Spoon with the other 2 Gummy Bears. Record this process and upload on Youtube as a response video to Nekrogoblinkon's music video "No One Survives".
To join the NUT clan on Black Ops 2, I had to become uber famous. Yea Yea! GOML!

To join the NUT clan add brainslug666 or PROTOTYPE-OF-WAR on PSN.
by Vanilla Monkey June 11, 2013