UTG (Under the Gun) is an airsofting company owned by Leapers, inc. UTG made their first airsoft AEG in 2001. This gun is viewed as the first true, cheap AEG. Shooting about 280 feet per second, it is highly effective in CQB. This was the UTG MP5, which came with the A4 and A5 stocks, two magazines, a dual-rail mount, and a sling.
UTG now has made a number of AEGS, such as a variant of the AK-47. They're also making springers, such as the M87 Shotgun and UTG M234 Sniper Rifle.
The UTG (Under the Gun)MP5 hurts like a bee-otch. Where'd you get it?
by OwNaGeR November 20, 2006
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