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(n): A cruiser like most other commands with its share of incompetent workers, corrupt leadership, and lazy, hypocritical E-5 & aboves. Implemented the 4-day work week that appeases only half the crew, and is famous for having supported counter-piracy operations in the Somalian coast. It has a rich history of not-so-stellar commanding officers, the 2 most recent ones being an irascible totalitarian and an egoist who thinks he's stellar.

A faulty CRP Propeller System has caused it numerous delays, and is consequently the chief source of income for BAE ship repair yard.

Although its demographics enjoy a fair share of diversity, every crew member is a closet-racist. There is a scarce number of Asian-Americans and is the one group who are most likely to be discriminated against.

Fraternization is commonplace, and is a direct cause for a growing average number of pregnancies per year.
3rd Class: "Where you gonna be stationed at bro?"
Sailor: "The USS Vella Gulf!"

"Ha! I just got off that shithole. Fuck that place!"
"Well I'm pretty sure it won't be that bad..."

(2 years later): "Man, fuck this place..."
by 0ri3nt@lDCLXVI May 22, 2010
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