UDoUBoo Day is National Holiday that is one self chosen designated week day that falls in between the timeframes of Monday - Sunday). On U-Do-U-Boo Day, you are only allowed to cater to Me Myself & I, partake in the most selfish, self-absorbed, self-righteous, egotistical, god/goddess activities know to man on this day.

*Important note U-Do-U-Boo Day national holiday* You will still need to continue to love everyone who is special in your life but on U-Do-U-Boo Day it is mandatory that you need to love yourself more than anyone else in the UNIVERSE, that is unmeasurable, & Unconditional LOVE to yourself!
On UDoUBoo Day no one else matters more than you on U-Do-U-Boo Day!
by Bifey’s Voice June 9, 2020
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