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The act of submitting a definition of your own name to Urban Dictionary in the hope that it will be published by the editors so that you can show your friends how intelligent you are, that you managed to rub two brain cells together hard enough to think up a sentence that you believe adequately describes your own self righteous opinion of your personality, and submit it to Urban Dictionary.

Will generally define themselves as being (but not limited to) sexy, talented, romantic, cute, clever, caring, awesome, unique, funny, wonderful and loving.
A . "Hey, I think I'll publish my own name onto Urban Dictionary so the whole world can see how cool I think I am"

B. "Dude, really? You think submitting your own name to Urban Dictionary is cool?"

A. "Yeah...I mean, that's what my life has come to, I have to try and convince myself I'm a cool person by doing this"

B. " don't have friends do you?"

A. "No."

B. "Ok that's the only qualification you have to have to UD your name.
by MelodyManWhat? October 23, 2011
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