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Possibly the most elite and least well-known of the UC campuses. Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Santa Diego, UCLA Berkeley is the perfect place for those who wish to pursue Spanish or Swedish studies. The school's Ice Sculpting Club is particularly distinct. Despite the what you may think from the fucking nasty US News and World Report's List of Best Colleges, UCLA Berkeley consistently rejects more 2400 SAT-achieving students than any Ivy League. No American president has ever come from UCLA Berkeley (thank god). Only one college in the country is finer...and that, of course, is Brown.
Dude I got into Harvard and Yale but I got rejected from UCLA Berkeley. I got a 2400 on the SAT! WTF MATE?!

Fuck Johns Hopkins. That's where fun dies. And where Adam Rich lives.

I wanted to go to Columbia but then I decided to go to UCLA Berkeley. Duh.
by Raoul L'Invisible November 06, 2007
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