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Type QT is only to categorize a girl. A girl who is cute or beyond cuteness. A girl who is different than every other girl in every way possible, different as in better. A QT has a smile that makes you stay awhile, smooth soft skin, hypnotizing eyes, a touch that you cant ask for much more, a laughter that has a sweet sensation after. This girl will be so down to earth, she will be a girl you could possibly call a best friend and much more. She will have the best sense of humor, the best kisses, and most importantly she will have the best personality. This type QT girl will be close if not exactly your type of dream girl. Type QT girls are very rare. If you ever encounter your type QT girl be prepared for an awesome journey, type QT girls love sarcasm, they love a guy with humor and great personalities. They like the occasional douchbag side but not to much douchbagness. BUT remember! They are still human, so don't be a jackass, asshole, idiot, dumbass, or anything else to this girl. If you do....well you are just plain retarded.
1- yo dude, you talking to any girls?
2- "Yeah dude, and shes fucking awesome!"
1- really? how so?
2- "bro.....shes type QT!"
1- Damn bro you're lucky, i can never find a QT!
by Yourstruley;) November 18, 2013
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