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When a person begins typing to you on an instant messenger (eg. facebook chat), but then decides to delete most or all of what they are writing and start over.
In most cases of type type, stop syndrome, the word bubble that pops up when the first party is typing will appear for 30 seconds, then disappear for 10, then re-appear for 15, then disappear again (and so on and so forth until the eagerly awaited sentence is sent).
Usually, the first party type type, stops because they don't want to sound stupid/annoying to the second party (really this is what will annoy them most). More annoying is when the first party type type, stops for an extended period of time, and then only sends between one and three words, (especially if that one word is "lol").
The first party will also type type, stop when they are at a loss for words or make a spelling mistake, which is rarely corrected anyways.
Other symptoms of the type type, stop syndrome may include slow typing, horrible spelling, and below par grammar.
This is an extremely serious illness. If you or your loved ones are guilty of type type, stopping, please seek professional help (or a dictionary).
Ex. 1: Jennifer: Hey Paige, have you talked to Jim at all lately?
Paige: Yeah, I talked to him last night. He kept type type, stopping me! What a tard! He should really just tell me what he's thinking!
Jennifer: Amen! I hate those damn type type, stoppers!

Ex. 2: (on chat)
David: Hey bro, how's it going?
Jim: -type type, stop. type type, stop-
Jim: lol
David: Damn, man, you've got a bad case of type type, stop syndrome. You should see a social therapist about that.
Jim: -type type, stop. type type, stop-
by nenstraella July 29, 2011
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