So... You've made it this far. I'm supprised actually, I thought you would have just typed "Google" into the Google search bar and be done with it. So frankly, I'm impressed. Only a select few of people like you have ever made it this far! Well you deserve a reward, a big one at that, wait before I give you that, go type "YouTube" into YouTube and see what happens. Then come back here and I'll give you a reward, how's that sound?

Okay have you done that yet? Alright I'm starting to think that maybe you've got to do a little better than that. Go type "Name" for every account you have on every social media page ever and make your password "password" aswell!

Alright we are almost there! Now go and write a definition of "Type any word here..." And come back to me when your done!

Wow you actually fucking did that! (Or you didn't,piece of shit) you deserve a reward! Go out and get a life! That's your reward!
"Hmm I'm really stupid and insecure about my self, I'm going to type "Type any word here..." Into the search bar on urban dictionary"
Happends when human being is EXTREMLY bored, and because it is bored, so it decide to write "Type any word here", which is displayed on the urban dictionary search bar before human being enters something
Human: *is EXTREMLY bored*
Human: *gets an idea*
Human: *searches for*
Human: *enters "Type any word here..." into search bar*
Web: *shows many definions written by idiots like author of this definition*
by Jac0bsCz May 19, 2022
When you type 'Type any word here' into the search bar
He types 'type any word here' in the box that says 'type any word here'.
by ProwrierX1 December 17, 2017
*types whats in the searching thing but adds "dont" to it*

bad defenishen but who ccares!!!!!111111
one day a person scam by saying dont type any word here and person typed a word and got scam oh no!!!!!!!!111111
by EPiKE April 15, 2022
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by Skyrim550 April 5, 2022