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Code Name: Tyler Simpson aka. T-Simp
True Name: Unknown

Tylerous Simpsonous is a timid yet awesome creacher and is, as of now, of mythical status. He is said to be immune to fire, as well as, but not lemited too, water, wind, earth, all froms of missiles, Death(Though this is mere sepculation,it is said you can kill a(n) T/S, by turning it gay(It will imedeatly fall to the floor dead.), The Jedi mind trick, and strangers with candy. All magic cast upon said T/S is reduced by 75%. Its skin is of the Holy property as it fully nullifys all dark magic. All Physical atacks reduced by 25%.

Like the unicorn, If the blood of a T/S is consumed, you will become immortal and have all Powers/Weakness of said T/S (See above). Also If the T/S looks upon you with favor and as long as you are withn 150 meters, you will have better luck.

Tylerous Simpsonous is also said to have an ability to see and copy anything he wants too. Past sighting examples include:
-Red Ranger
-Darth Vader
-Army Man
-William Wallace
-Mr. Clark
-Ch.4 News Anchorman
-The Gorton's Fisherman
-Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Spartan #117
-Kyleous Klosous

Tylerous Simpsonous has been known too ally with Kyleous Klosous, Who is at Near-Mythical status due too many sightings. When the two ally together, the government soon sends in ninjas too elemanate them, useaualy to no avail. They are, Together, said to be unstopabul.

Tylerous Simpsonous oftin tend too mate with the Andrea Lindburgous,
Cause shes awesome.
Hey! Look! Its a Tylerous Simpsonous!
by Tyler Simpson October 27, 2007
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