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Ty Luko is the fictional romantic pairing between Prince Zuko (now Fire Lord) and Ty Lee (former circus worker and current Kyoshi Warrior) from Avatar: The Last Airbender, an extremely popular kid's cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon. Zuko is a master firebender while Ty Lee isn't a bender at all. She uses gymnastics and chi-blocking techniques to fend off opponents.

Zuko is a serious and emotional young man, also being brave, courageous, and strong. Ty Lee, though strong herself, is not very strong emotionally. She is hurt easily and can be controlled/used without much trouble (Azula forcing her to join her team).

Many of this ship's fans ship these two together because of their contrasting personalities. They believe they can interact smoothly as well as engage in a romantic relationship without pushing themselves. They also believe their personalities would mesh perfectly.

Support of this ship comes from one episode in particular, "The Beach", in which Ty Lee claims to know Zuko more than he might think. Zuko responds by mocking the girl and making her cry. However, this may be because of how Zuko was feeling during that day. He claims to have been confused and not sure of the difference between right and wrong. The deeper connection they share, supposedly, is the main reason the two are paired together.
"Ty Luko is the best Avatar ship!"

"Ty Luko is one of the most under-rated ships in the Avatar fandom."
by FanofAvatarAang October 24, 2009
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