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The act of saving up and taking a very large that is both painful, and exhilarating. At the same time you are climaxing while receiving a blow job on the toilet.
This will probably require nose plugs for the giver, which will make for difficulty breathing with a dick in their mouth.
Since the sensation of pushing a monstrous, anus tearing turd at the same time you blow your load would result in probable passing out from must tell the nose plugged blower that "the goal here is for you not to pass out before me!"
The big man settled in to his favorite bathroom with his well paid ladyfriend to deliver the two in the chamber.

Also partially known as a blumpkin, although that act doesn't require the sheer size of rectal load required to perform two in the chamber. It also doesn't involve the delicate act of not passing out before the plugged giver.
by sevenxchamps2000 October 18, 2010
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