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Two young men that the women call daddy. The type of people to chill at bdubs or a kingdom for their whole lives. Women often are drawn over by how daddy they look. Cuhs like to drink trumoo while fighting in the octagon.
Girl 1"Dayummm girl it's the two cuhs (daddies)."
Girl 2 "let's go try to suck their cranks"
Girl 1 "cuhs, can we suck your cranks?"
Cuh 1 "maybe, but I got some more important things in my life."
Girl 2 "like what?"
Cuh 2 "ladies, we got trumoo, bdubs and 17 hoes waiting at the kingdom. That's your cue to go suck a different crank cuz ours are off limits."
by Barry McCockiner-Mouth September 14, 2017
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